Vision Mission & Artistic Vision



A confident community of future generation who posess a love for lifelong of the fine arts through experience and exposure.


To equip our community with confidence in the presentation of these skills in the fine arts which are essential in creating a confident community with passion for the arts as well as life.


Rhythms Aesthetic Society is an organisation that provides the community with opportunities for high quality, diverse, and accessible music and dance educational programmes. The society offers a broad range of concerts, performance opportunities for musicians and performers, and artistic support services that help make the Northwest community of Singapore appreciative of music and dance, and contribute to the quality of life of its citizens. RAS also seeks to expose audience to the creative process in its many forms – what and how others create, and to engage the citizens in creative acts.

We value the diversity of cultural expressions and traditions, foster the preservation and advancement of diverse musical genres, create a sense of welcoming and belonging, enhance the enjoyment of life, to celebrate with the community through programming events.