About Us


Rhythms Aesthetic Society was founded in June 2005 registered with the Registrar of Societies, Singapore. Rhythms is a nonprofit organization, recognized by the National Arts Council of Singapore.

Its objectives are to provide a conducive and motivating environment for the learning and practice of Indian Fine Arts (Music, Dance & Visual Arts). It aims is to develop young aspiring talents to reach international performance standards.

Its humble beginning started in 2005 in the Sembawang Estate and has grown steadily since. The Society conducts its activities and classes in Yishun and Serangoon North and has over 500 members today.

Members as young as 5 years of age benefit from the many courses, taught by professional instructors. It conducts regular and master classes, organizes workshops, ensembles and concerts. We have students from the various ethnic communities in Singapore and courses are customized to suit individual needs.

Rhythms has produced many top prize winners since 2008 in the much coveted National Indian Music Competition by National Arts Council Singapore and since 2011 in Papanasam Sivan Competition. Our young talents have been performing in various Art Venues in Singapore such as the Esplanade, Theatre by the Bay.

We have also provided extensive platforms for members and students to showcase their talents through participation in concerts and community events organized by Community Clubs, Hindu Temples and other Social Events.

Our membership and course fee are kept to the minimum to ensure that courses are affordable to all. It is also the aspiration of Rhythms Aesthetic Society to ensure that the Indian Fine Arts is accessible and available to the less fortunate Singaporeans. We have been subsidizing many students since 2007 through a special funding program.

In line with the Ministry of Education’s vision of holistic education, we have been providing interesting and creative Arts Education Programs (AEP) to Singapore schools.

We strive to ensure that we are able to contribute to the society through nurturing the Indian Fine Arts and Arts appreciation.