Indian Traditional Folk
Instrumental Workshop


Duration per session: 30 minutes

Indian Folk Instruments are unique and differs from village to village. Enjoy the ethnic sounds created with these interesting hand held folk instruments like the Ganjira, Manjira, Khartals, Damaru. Learn about the basic foundation of Indian traditional music, Ragas [Melodic modes] & Tala [Repeating rhythmic phrase] as you enjoying playing the instruments.

*Program may be customized as required
*Please call us or email for a quote
*NAC AEP subsidy approved

Indian Instrumental Ensemble

A 3 piece professional ensemble comprising of string and percussion instruments. [Mirdangam, Tabla, Violin etc] Artists will play different styles of music to various rhythm patterns [e.g classical / folk / fusion etc] Be mesmerized by an energetic rhythmic dual performance by the percussion instruments. [Jugal Bandhi]

Indian Instrumental Workshop @ Rhythms

Visit a School of the Indian Fine Arts. Enjoy live musical performances by professional musicians. The rhythms & melodies of Indian music is intriguing, don’t miss the opportunity to experience playing on 3 different Indian Traditional classical Instruments.

Indian Percussion Drums & Melody Workshop

Rhythm & Melody is the foundation of all Indian traditional music. As you embark on this wonderful experience of playing on Indian Traditional Instruments [Tabla, Mridangam & Harmonium], you will understand the basics of Ragas [Melodic modes] & Tala [Repeating rhythmic phrase] by the end of these sessions.

Sounds of Indian Strings, Wind, & Percussion Instrument Workshop @ Rhythms

A wonderful experience with instruments that date back in centuries: Veena, Harmonium & the Ganjira. Watch a live instrumental performance and be mesmerized by the melodies sounds of these Instruments. Experience firsthand on how to handle and make simple melodies on these instruments.

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