1. Annual Membership Fee is payable in January and/or upon enrollment. Plenary Membership Fee -$100 /Associate Membership Fee -$10 /.
  2. Registration fee of $25/- is payable by Individual at the time of registration; this is irrespective of the number of courses enrolled for.
  3. Annual Maintenance fee of $25 is payable in January and/or upon enrollment; this is irrespective of the number of courses enrolled for.
  4. Fees for the month of December shall be payable in the month of January and / or upon enrollment.
  5. Individuals should register with the Society and pay the Membership, Registration, Maintenance and December Fees as stated in conditions 1,2,3 and 4 and the first month course fee prior to commencement of courses. There will be no refund whatsoever of any of the above mentioned fees paid. Members must purchase the relevant course materials.
  6. Course fee are due before the end of the first lesson of the first week of each month. Members who fail to pay their fees within 15 days of the due date, will be required to pay an administrative fee of $5/-.
  7. Minimum age at enrollment is 5. Individuals below the minimum age requirement can be admitted at the discretion of the management after an assessment.
  8. Individuals joining the Society from another organization are required to attend an interview, to be assessed by the management who will determine the year of admission.
  9. The Society conducts only four lessons per month, officially. There will be no lessons conducted on 29th, 30th, and 31st of each month.
  10. There will be no classes conducted during Public Holidays, Rhythms Annual Day and Vijayadaxmi Pooja Day. No replacement classes will be given.
  11. Members attending group classes are not allowed to make any changes to their timetable as any such changes may affect the progress of the other Members in the group.
  12. Classes may be disrupted from time to time to hold rehearsals for external program by Members, while these disruptions will be kept to a minimum, there will be no make-up classes conducted for interruptions arising from these.
  13. If the classes are cancelled by the management, replacement classes will be re-scheduled at a later date and members will be informed accordingly.
  14. Members who absent themselves from classes without advising the school for one month (after payment of fees) and for two weeks (without the payment of fees) are liable to be removed from the Members Register. Re- registration fees of $100/- will be levied.
  15. No replacement classes will be scheduled for absenteeism for any reason for both Group and Individual Classes.
  16. Members are required to participate /attend at least 1 performance in each quarter. Please note that attending a dance. Vocal, Instrumental Concert is a learning process and it enhances the member’s performance in the examinations.
  17. Members are required to complete 35 hours of instruction within a year to be eligible to register for the Annual Examination.
  18. Members following a structured course must receive a pass grade in the final examinations before proceeding on to the next year.
  19. All materials supplied by the school should not be photocopied, lent, resold, hired out or otherwise disposed of in any form of binding.
  20. A deposit of 50% must be paid when placing an order for Music Instruments.
  21. Members must be appropriately attired at all time. Members attending Dance classes must be dressed in Rhythms Dance Uniform.
  22. Parents and visitors are not allowed to enter the class room at any time.
  23. Any notification or feedback to the school must be made in writing to the management personally by the Members / Parents. Any verbal notification through the employees of the management or any other source will not be taken into consideration.
  24. Members who discontinue their registration in the months of October, November or December of that year and re-register in January in the next year will not be eligible to sit for the examination that year and re-registration fees of $100/- will be levied.
  25. Members must provide one-month notice in writing to the management in advance if they wish to discontinue any of the courses they are attending. Any such failure to provide due notice; will deem Members liable to pay course fees and all other applicable fee for the relevant period until due written notice is received by the Management.
  26. The Society will be closed in December for Annual Vacation from 1st December to the 4th January. Members are liable to pay the fees for the month of December. All classes will resume on the 5th January of every year.
  27. Rhythms is not responsible for any damages or physical injury to the instruments or performing member respectively during any indoor / outdoor activity / rehearsals or performances and whilst traveling to and from performances.
  28. Members cannot have any unofficial dealings such as business transactions, private lessons, sale of instruments etc, with the employees of the society.
  29. Members must follow the rules of the society and observe discipline at all times when in the premises of the society and during indoor / outdoor performances.
  30. The Society reserves the right to change the Course Conductors/Teachers/Society Premises and any other changes which is necessary to ensure the smooth functioning of the Society as and when it deems fit and requires to without any notice to members, parents or guardians.
  31. Terms and conditions are subject to changes without notice.