Rhythms conducts Carnatic, Hindustani & Western Classical Music & Indian Classical Dance courses. Rhythms follows a structured syllabus in different stages of music and dance. The courses are distributed to 3 levels Basic, Intermediate and Advanced. A structured syllabus is adopted by the society, to ensure that the instructors have a standardized curriculum to follow. This also allows for annual assessments to be conducted to monitor the progress of students.

Students who attempt the examinations will be taught all techniques and intricacies of the art according to the syllabus. Students will be familiarized with the format of the exams and the grading system.


Examinations are conducted to prepare members for the world of performing arts and self-development, character building and to create a refined society. This is to create an unique opportunity in joining the society in performing and to take advantage of the expertise and knowledge of a superb teaching faculty.

Students will be examined on both their practical and theoretical skills. Examinations are conducted by external invigilators. Keyboard & Music Theory Students will also be sent for ABRSM and Trinity examinations. Certificates will be awarded in recognition of students’ performances in the examinations.

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