The Rhythms headquarters in Yishun, is located in a convenient location in the Heartlands, at Yishun. Housed in Block 102, Yishun Avenue 5, on level 4. The Academy is fully equipped with more than ten activity rooms.

This includes 2 dance studios, 4 music rooms, a keyboard rooms and an activity rooms. We have large classroom spaces, supported by a comprehensive range of support facilities and services.

All Classrooms are fully air-conditioned and spacious, and the facility is well maintained to ensure the best learning conditions. Each room is also equipped with the respective learning aids for music and dance forms.


A highlight of the Academy’s is its extensive collection of music instruments, Veena, Violin, Tabla, Mridangam and Keyboards and Dance Costumes. The instruments collection are of the highest quality and are of various sizing so that each user can feel comfortable when handling them.

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