Course Structure

Rhythms has developed a structured curriculum, distributed over 3 levels – Basic, Intermediate and Advanced. Instructors have a standardized program to follow and it allows for annual assessments to be conducted.

Rhythms Junior Programme

A 2 Year introductory programme for children to explore basic aspects of dance and music. With a strong emphasis on nurturing the child’s interest for the arts and encouraging them to explore and experiment with the arts. Once they complete the Junior Programme, they will continue to the Foundation classes.

Rhythms Foundation Programme

A 9 Year course and a continuation of the Junior Programme. The children will specialise in a discipline based on their interest. The Foundation programme is developed for children to acquire sound technical skills in their chosen art form. They are given the option to work towards a graded examination and the opportunity to perform to build stage confidence.


Rhythms conducts active, participatory and aesthetically rewarding programmes which are sensitive to the artistic potential, emotional maturity and intellectual development of the young and youths who are eager to find themselves.

We provide practical opportunities for children to learn in an environment that is loving, flexible and never critical.


Examinations are conducted by renowned external examiners. Students will be examined on both practical and theory skills. Keyboard and Music Theory Students are sent for ABRSM and Trinity examinations. Students’ performances in the examinations are graded and certificates are awarded upon successful completion of the courses.

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