Members as young as 5 years of age and matured members as old as 60 benefit from the many courses, taught by professional instructors. Rhythms conducts regular and master classes, organizes workshops, ensembles and concerts. We have students from the various ethnic communities in Singapore and courses are customized to suit individual needs.



Carnatic Vocal




Hisdustani Tabla

Western Keyboard

Music Theory

To Provide
Equal Opportunity

It is the aspiration of Rhythms to avail the Arts to economically-disadvantaged families who need support to realize their potential in the arts. Through special subsidy programs, Rhythms has been subsidizing arts training for members and students from Low Income Family since 2007.

Rhythms constantly seeks out avenues for its students to perform to showcase their artistic talent and abilities. The Society believes that providing members with performing platforms will help build their confidence, develop their performance skills and encourage them to grow to love and appreciate the arts.

To Give Back to the Community

Rhythms organises and participates in community events both local and overseas as a way of giving back to the community. In events and activities organized by the Community Clubs, Places of Worship, Major Festivals and even in Home for the Aged and Children’s Home.

We strive to contribute to the society through such performances and shows to nurture music and art appreciation.

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