Rhythms Aesthetic Society engages qualified professional instructors from India, who are full time instructors at the Academy. Our instructors are dedicated and highly motivated to impart their knowledge to our members. Rhythms, is committed to ensure that the students who graduate from our academy are qualified performing artists.

A structured syllabus with annual exams is offered. Students are exposed to both the Theoretical and Practical element of each and every Art Form to ensure that they have in depth knowledge of the Art Form they are pursuing.

Courses at Rhythms do not end in the class or with exams. The real test for a student of a Performing Art School is to perform in front of an audience. Constant efforts are made by us to create opportunities for our students to perform, i.e. in temples, during community events and festivals and at our own Rhythms Annual Day.

Kala Utsav is celebrated annually at popular Performing Arts Venue such as NAFA and The Republic Polytechnic. Members are exposed to the wonderful experience of a professional production of stage performance. Sound, lighting and all the fanfare of stage performance are introduced to them. They learn of the degree of commitment of an artist, the perseverance and creativity needed to have a successful production.

At the end of every Kala Utsav, our students bloom into a more confident and motivated individual and their love for the Fine Arts mature.